Laura Matsue is a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and Certified Meditation Teacher, with training in both Australia and India.

Her Story

Laura Matsue was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario to parents who were practitioners of Siddha Yoga, a spiritual organization founded by Indian guru Swami Muktananda.

Although she grew up as a baby with her crib feet away from her parents meditation room it was not until she had her first “awakening experience” in late 2012 that she committed to the spiritual path herself.

Her story is one of going through darkness and turning it into light. Growing up in her 20’s she worked as a music journalist and writer; and it was here she experienced the dark side of the entertainment industry; having multiple experiences of sexual abuse with high-profile musicians which led her into deep layers of trauma which included over a decade of severe drug addiction including experiences navigating the corruption of the overmedicated western psychiatric system.

After being hospitalized multiple times with attempted suicides and nervous breakdowns she eventually ended up in a detox centre in Vancouver’s infamous Downtown Eastside. After getting out of detox and experiencing a traumatic breakup, she found herself with nothing left to turn to but to pray to God. At which point, God answered and she recognized there was a higher power in this world which was always listening.

She then began the long healing process of regenerating her body, healing the patterns of her mind, and reconnecting her spirit to the Divine, all on her own, by using yoga, meditation, exercise, and psychological self work.

After years of going through this process she started experimenting with psychedelics as a way of healing deeply buried trauma as well as understanding the spiritual component to mental illness by perceiving the unseen realms, and spent 3 months in Peru using ayahuasca in conjunction with her daily spiritual and psychological practices.

It was then she realized the pain that she experienced in her individual life was just a microcosm of the pain of the Earth, which led to her decision to move to an Ecovillage off the west coast of Canada to heal her connection to the planet by learning how to live sustainably by learning how to grow food and live in an intentional community.

After years of teaching yoga and meditation she furthered her studies by attending yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India in 2018.

She now continues to teach yoga and meditation in her own unique blend of hatha/vinyasa/kundalini yoga and embodiment based meditations inspired by Tibetan practices and earth-based spirituality. She also works as a holistic coach in which she uses her experiences to help show others the way to heal themselves, using her life of transformation to be a vessel of love in service to her community and the world.

She specializes in her coaching in a variety of topics; including (but not limited to): healing from sexual trauma, the shamanic understanding of mental illness, rebuilding a life after addiction, developing oneself using psychological inner work, creating a meditation practice, implementing shadow work into daily life, psychic protection and prayer, karmic resolution, healing the wound of the toxic masculine and toxic feminine, reconnecting with the Divine within, and promotes total self responsibility through finding that God source within; showing others how they can use that spark to heal themselves and find their deeper soul purpose in life. She also practices western astrology, tarot, and has a refined intuition alongside various psychic gifts. She is available for private in-person meditation and yoga therapy; and hosts workshops as well as in-depth spiritual retreats with her partner Bernhard who writes about various esoteric and spiritual topics at http://www.veilofreality.com

She writes and shares extensively about her spiritual insights, experiences, and meditations on her blog at http:///lauramatsue.com