This is easily the most terrifying meditation I have ever done. Maybe it was the day that I chose to do it on – I was feeling worn out, tired, and allergies had made my face inflamed and break out. However, because of this – it was one of the most healing meditations that I have ever done. I met myself at my sickest and grossest, and I connected with that self and came out with love.We, as humans wear many masks. Some of them are: smart, pretty, funny, wild, kind, mean, cynical, interesting, stable… These are all facades that get over the way of our true essence. Meaning, who we really are at our core is just some isness, some ever changing essence of the universe. 

Yet, we pick and favor different masks as these are the ones we have been conditioned to show in order to get love. We may be trained to put on different masks as a way to get love in different situations – this conditioning is both societal and created by our own karmic history. 

No matter the cause, when we put on a default “mask” to cope with certain situations it often prevents us from being who we authentically are in that moment.In this meditation you will meet yourself at your true essence. 

Afterwards, you will feel more confidence and grounded in your own body. 

I would recommend it for people with some experience with meditation and no one who has severe trauma around body image issues – but, to be real, that’s many of us. I know I have the latter and I could handle it, but the feelings that came up were very intense!

This meditation is best done when you have a day off for self care. 

1. Cleanse your aura
Take a bath or shower. Your aura picks up debris and toxins just like your body does. You want to approach this meditation by bringing as much of YOUR own energy as possible.

2. Pick a quiet place with natural light.
Pick someplace where you will be undisturbed. You could also use earplugs, so that it is extra quiet. Don’t use lamps or lighting unless it’s night, (we want to see the real you not the selfie you). If it’s night,  use a small lamp. 

Keep in mind that your emotions during this meditation will be much different experiences depending on if choose to do it at night or day.

3. Get a mirror
You will be sitting in front of this and staring into your eyes, so have a clean one that’s unbroken and large enough to see your whole self. 

4. Get comfortable
I usually sit on a cushion when I meditate, as this raises the hips and makes it easier to have your spine straight. Having the spine straight during meditation is very important, probably one of the most important things along with the breath. Get incense burning to purify the air while you do this. Set a timer. For this meditation I did 20 mins. I would start with no less than 10 minutes.           

Once you are all set up…

5. Look into your eyes and breathe
Look at yourself, deep into your soul. See yourself as two people, one who is the observer and one who is the one being seen. Many reactions and emotions will come up initially – just keep breathing and keep coming back to your own eye contact.

6. Give total presence. 
Be there with yourself in the now. When an emotion comes up, become an observer who is comforting the observed. You may do this just by allowing that aspect of yourself to be without judgement, or you may do this by comforting that self. Do not be afraid to tell yourself I love you. Even if hurts, or doesn’t feel right, these words are like medicine that will seep into you. Keep making eye contact and breathing. You will see many different faces, and experience many different feelings – always return to the breath! Use your breathe as a center and a wave that slowly calms your emotional energies.

7. Watch your judgments and guide them into light.
During this mediation you will likely meet many masks, many aspects of yourself. Get yourself in a space of non-judgment. If you do not know what this is you may not be ready for this meditation. Nonjudgement is the ability to see a trait or characteristic and just be in acceptance with it. You may experience resistance in accepting some parts of yourself, but keep looking in the mirror, breathing and giving your soul love, and I promise you will get more and more comfortable. 💜

8. Always return to the breath.
You will see many different faces, get many different feelings – always use your breathe as a center.

9. Transcend and integrate 
When the meditation is finished you will feel MUCH different. You will feel more confident but is likely you will be exhausted too! A lot of deep emotions come up during this meditation, and once these are brought to the surface of our conscious mind it can sometimes make us feel unwell. Take care of yourself, take a nap if necessary. Thank yourself for taking the time to heal yourself.

    Thank you 💜


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