Meditation to Release Emotional Blockages 

The feeling of forgiveness greatly increases alpha waves in your brain during meditation. Alpha waves enhance creativity and decreases depression.

When we hold onto events in our past this creates repressions and denial in our lives that can disrupt our ability to feel comfortable flowing into new circumstances that life presents to us. These repressions create imprints on our aura that act like black holes.

Here is a simple meditation to release these blockages and free you from your past. 💜

1. Get a piece of paper. Make a list of events you feel guilt/shame/anger/fear towards. Get it all out. 

For this exercise, I would recommend staying away from deep traumas, as this is a short meditation. Think of things like comments someone said, encouragement that wasn’t said. Anything that gave you a negative feeling.

Keep that list in front of you. 

2. Sit in your favourite meditative posture.

Spine straight.

Take a few deep breaths.

Bring yourself into your body in the present.

Take as long as you want and need.

The longer you take to set the scene the deeper relaxation and relief you will achieve.

3. Bring your eyes to the first point on the list.

Close them, and visualize the moment it occurred.

Recreate the scene, and feel the feelings of it.

Then, imagine the situation from the other person’s perspective. Become them.

What could’ve they been experiencing in their lives that would make them act that way?

Focus on compassion for their situation.

Once you have reached an understanding of their perspective – forgive them. Deeply.

Breathe as you release those emotions.

(For memories that are about yourself – do the same thing. Recognize your pain.

Forgive yourself.

You’re human.

You here to learn. )

4. Move to the next point, and repeat Step 3. 

5. To bring yourself out of the exercise, imagine a new circumstance, that you would like to occur.

When we are feeling peace and freedom, this is the perfect time to manifest new futures.

Don’t hold on.

Get free.

✌ and 💜

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