I think we accept things into our lives that aren’t love because we don’t know what love is – we don’t want to believe that it’s everywhere, around us, all the time.

This story is too easy, so we often fall for tricks that sell us love. We work for the promise of it. It keeps the world expanding.

If everyone knew that love was an infinite resource – the world would collapse.

We would have no functional drive to do anything.

Everything could coexist without purpose.

We’d harmonize our imbalances.

You would be whole.

I would disappear.

It’s like, the scam of the bottled water industry, except – it’s people, telling us that only they can love us, only they could know us and only they will always be there for us.

They’re a special resource.

We need them.

But I promise you – I absolutely swear (they can’t), but that’s okay – you are already surrounded by love.

It’s there.

It’s here now.

The spirits of your ancestors are protecting you.

They make you powerful, keep you grounded, and they’re why you’re alive.

From them.

For love.

Don’t listen to anyone claiming you’ve got karma to pay.

These sentimental physical experiences that say “this is love” but reject, ignore, don’t see, or make you feel embarrassed for your reflection…

That’s not love.

Love doesn’t suffer itself.

These are mirrors; they’re illusions you have to smash to see the truth.

They’re ghosts of the ego.

They tell you it’s bad luck to break them.


Before you do – they might promise:

“I’m real!”

Believe them.

Know that love shows you how to see yourself.

Without the mirror.

You’ll be okay on your own.

Love has many dimensions.

Let them all fall.

See yourself with absolute clarity – in life, death, alone and in a room full of people.

Surrounded by love!

Love is always there.

It permeates through everything that disappears.
It persists, even when you didn’t care for it.
It waits.

It caught you.

Because it never left – it stands in space.

Love keeps you safe.

But stays transparent in the ether.

Yet love wants you to see it.

And set it free.

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