I Learned How To Quantum Jump So You Don’t Have To

A few weeks ago while laying on a friend’s floor I decided to discover mysteries of the universe – so I picked up a science textbook.

I opened the book halfway through, and in Jeopardy format quizzed him on the first subject I saw.  

“What is… Quantum Entanglement”. 

He explained: electrons that were once together that separate from each other still seem to have an effect on one another. 

It made perfect sense. I trust in telepathy as a form of open source communication. If anyone receives my thought message – they’ll call.


The phrase “quantum entanglement” stuck in my mind for the next few days. I could apply it as a universal explanation to any circumstance I didn’t understand. 

Why am I in this place, holding this stuff, being this person, making these choices, saying these things, why am I alive, and still here?

“Quantum entanglement.”

It was the invisible thread that guided my intuition. 


“You’re quantum entangled to your iPhone”, the same friend later mentioned to me on Facebook. 

I felt a sense of guilt from my attention being semi-committed to every other open tab. Why did I have to keep talking to these people, finish reading these articles. Why did I feel desire for completion on actions that were executed moments ago?


Quantum jumping is a lot like being audited at the Scientology centre. I am not a Scientologist, but I like going there. They offer a free walk in personality test that is followed by a brief psychoanalysis of the results given by someone who works there. It’s something to do. We all could understand ourselves a little better. I highly recommend it. 


Scientology and Quantum Jumping follow the same format: 

1. Relax yourself.

2. Enter a state of meditation.

3. Bring yourself to a memory through visualization.


When you quantum jump you take yourself to a memory of past or future. Through conscious awareness you can alter the memory and your held perception of it in the now. 

This is executed as an observer self. If you become conscious of your awareness of the experience, you can view yourself as a subject, having a subjective experience. This creates space for new perceptions and adjustments. By allowing a separation through this form of disidentification, it becomes possible to percieve the experience with more objective clarity. 

Quantum jumping guides you into becoming a ghost viewing your own experience in an alternate dimension of past or future. 

I decided to start my experiment with quantum jumping while waiting for the bus. While explanations from the podcast explained the function of a layered reality, the bus rolled up. Looking like this:

(The Matrix revealing itself.)

Outside a sparse, white, cafe I sat down to immerse myself in a Quantum Jumping meditation exercise. 

I relaxed. I breathed. I brought myself back to an old apartment. 

I looked around. The minimalism made me feel cold. It was obsessively organized; I felt oppressed. I thought about the person I lived with, the people around, what my life was like. I didn’t belong. It felt hollow. I wasn’t happy. 

I was unified to that perspective in the present — I also, wasn’t happy outside this cafe today which, interestingly so, held a parallel aesthetic to the moment I was internally revisiting. 

How do I exit this dimension of reality? 

How can I get free?

Although I was drawn to places of aesthetic minimalism, they didn’t feel like home. The people in these places triggered feelings of alienation and resentment. They wore old costumes of people I once loved, now feared. I tried that life. I didn’t like it. I dreaded it’s repetition, and in doing so – attracted myself to relive the same bad dream.

In meditation, I realized: this present experience was born out of a negative perspective in the past. I kept drawing myself back to the similar circumstances in an attempt to resolve it. My lack of certainty on “what happened” drew me towards parallel settings until I became conscious of my own quantum entanglement. 

The visualization allowed me to go back in totality, to “fix the memory.” 

I didn’t like the play anymore. I needed to take off the costume – but I still couldn’t leave the theatre.

New stories we attach to rising negative feelings strengthen the belief which perpetuate the circumstance. 

If you see the world as toxic, you’ll look for new experiences of hostility. We long for closure, but revictimize ourselves through finding confirmation of our bias. It’s uncomfortable being disempowered, so we fidget and adjust superficialities in the mirror. Sometimes the actors change, but they have the same lines.

Quantum jumping suggests that if we alter our thought through internal visualization, the physical world can change too. It sees layers of alternate realities as accessible through the imagination. 

Shifting material objects around in order to reach understanding of our existence will always be Earth’s favourite teaching device. The material world is how we experience the self.

Quantum jumping offers level skipping —  it is easy access to other dimensions.

Our lives are repetitious and patterned; moments of clarity show in the contrast of similar events.

I could determine a new perspective through this revisitation. Ever hang out with old friends, and realize you have nothing in common with them anymore? This seems to be fate circumstantially casting us apart from comfortable situations that are critical to our growth in awareness. I integrated that old memory with new consciousness.

I felt quantum untangled. 

Quantum Jumping is a visual tool. 

Accessing the future in a jump is like ‘creating a dream board’. You construct realities that haven’t been seen yet, but with subconscious tweaking, you alter your choices and these changes in perspective take you to another place where you already exist — as a different version of you.

I want a better future, but I’m still not sure if humanity will make it – so I close my eyes and visualize myself free from government, surrounded by blue sea, wild food. 

I’m a true survivalist. America doesn’t exist, so it doesn’t stress me out anymore. I’m surrounded by a tribe of telepathic equals. We are all expert marine biologists. 

These visualizations untangle the decisions of previous lives and align hope towards a better future.

The world might end, so just to be safe – I enter a new one.


4 thoughts on “I Learned How To Quantum Jump So You Don’t Have To

  1. Great article. You’r a really deep thinker and great writer. You venture bravely into the unknowns and make better sense of them. Thanks for being you and what you do.

  2. Why are you recommending people go to a center for a cult (Scientology)? That’s a really irresponsible, and quite frankly, dangerous suggestion.

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