What Is Raising Your Vibration & Why Should I Do It?

A few years ago I would have had no idea what this title meant, nor would I have been the type of person who would be found reading this. I was too busy identifying with my misery as a way of flexing my intellect. There were a lot of ways I could describe the failures of the world. It was fun, it made me feel smart. My writer self needs to acknowledge this previous aspect for it remains insecure. And it was probably, like, Monsanto’s fault. I would Google “GMOs and self hatred” and pull up a study that could prove it.


Yet, now here I am. Still, the same – a nonlocal being having a localized experience in the here and now. How I describe my experience is different – I speak in non-particulars, but not much else has changed. Same name, same role, same life. Things look clearer, brighter. I’m happier. I still know that girl and I see her around. She’s inside other people. I must coexist. I accept that it happened. If that girl makes fun of me,  I tell her she’s right. I’m naive, lost – she’s smart. Show me the way! It’s what she needs to hear for us both to feel better.

“Some things never change” can sound like nostalgia or resignation. Or it can speak of the eternal. The material world includes all perspectives. Everything around you is phenomena appearing before you in temporary association. If someone walks into the room – they might assume those objects around you are yours. This is why you shouldn’t sit beside a bag of trash – it is yours – for now. Do something with it. When you move and the objects change – you lose association and assumed responsibility for them. Your  perception will alter to the change of scenery. Or maybe it won’t. Maybe you carry that bad/good attitude with you all over town. You do.


How we manage our emotional state is the development of Emotional Intelligence. How you see your surroundings, the thoughts you have of it, will reflect your internal emotional experience. A good example of this shift in action can be seen after meditation, exercise, sleep, a walk (any activity which alters your mood). You return to the same space – but it looks different. You feel different.


This inner state change is what people are referring to when they refer to  “vibration”. Everything emits a frequency. When this frequency transmits it holds a unique signature which creates a wave that energetically effects all around it.

You affect the world around you based on how you feel. 

When your vibration is low, you are like a slow, dull, pulse, transmitting the lower emotions, like pain, fear, anger, grief. You’re weak, but you have a message. 


Higher frequency beings vibrate much faster. They radiate waves of joy, love, peace, courage. They’re powerful based on how quickly they alter that which they contact. 


A high frequency being has the ability to create quick elevations. Being refers to anything – not just people, or things with eyes. A puppy or a flower is a good example of a typically high frequency being. It has potential to help everything it contacts feel better because it radiates pure consciousness. 

Low frequency beings can slowly alter the frequency of a higher being until the frequency of the higher being is in a state of unconditional love or peace. At that point, the higher being sees no duality. Everything just is.

Since we are a collective organism, don’t feel bad if you need love from someone but can’t give it. If they have it – it will be offered. We are responsible for ourselves, and each other. 


How do you raise your vibration?

Movement. It doesn’t mean you have to get out of bed, it just means you have to look forward. You have to design your decisions based on what affects you positively. Take this one step at a time. Don’t join a yoga studio if you don’t want to do that. Take a bath. Talk to someone. Watch something funny. Small incremental increases in your own positive energetic field will slowly help you climb the ladder.


It’s important when you are on a lower vibration to stay away from things that make you feel bad. It will create a downward spiral. Falling to these depths with another being are safer if they are done with the intent of mutual self exploration – and this works well once you are both established in a healing routine. Down is not bad – but know it can kill you. Some physical forms don’t trust that they are strong enough to handle lower vibrational experiences. Cutting yourself off from harmful influence is not indication of selfishness or lack of compassion – it means you have decided to extend your healing capacities towards the self and not outwards. A hurt person hurts people. Don’t do that. That person is you.

Once you raise your vibration, set routines in place to keep it up and step out. Become a soldier. The world will challenge you. Stay true. It is the purpose of those who radiate the frequency of love to connect to other people so this exchange can heal them both through opening them to a new world beyond that which they currently perceive. 


The differing vibrational states are not a way of heirarchy. Higher states are not indication of a guru or a special God power. We are all existing in time folds which we experience as a differing state of consciousness. This physical experience of now is always unified. 

The space you see between the material around you is just a temporary misperception. There is no separation — one day we will all accept this. We have always been an interdependent universe.  


As your vibration raises, your experience of that around you often improves. We exist in a cyclical perspective of time, so don’t use this as a barometer for your own personal evolution. There is difficulty after bliss. The contrasted states are designed to teach us gratitude. The clear light that seems to fracture through the physical prism of your body creates a rainbow variant of light that lands upon the forms around you. 

Let the holographic universe you reflect teach you what it sees of what you are. 


Bonus:  Here is a list of things I have found personally raise my vibration. We all need different things at different times, but if you’re feeling stuck – these ideas usually work:

1. The sun –  Sitting in it, staring at it (lol), thinking about how it exists (wow huge fireball in the sky can you believe it)

2. Water – Drinking it, soaking in it, splashing it on my face, staring at it (just staring at things helps – Aum.)

3. Being kind – Noticing the beautiful parts of people (without expectation of reward), smiling at strangers, sending love to people who look like they’re kind of losing it (being a human is crazy I feel you)

4. Smiling / laughing – At anything, anywhere (as long as it’s not at the expense of others)

5. Nature – Sitting on the grass, staring at a tree, going for a hike, just being outside with the wind in my face wow what a time 

6. Meditation / yoga –  “I don’t have time / am bad at meditation” is the ego’s last defence.  We’re scared of who we would be without an active mind because it feels like risk of death. A meditative mind is not a vegetable. A calm person certainly carries the high frequency of an edible plants, but those Indian guys wearing cloth diapers are not babies who don’t know how to do anything at all anymore. Perhaps, they are child consciousness! You don’t need to sign up, pay, or do anything to practice holistic health. YouTube has tons of free meditation / yoga classes for all levels. The age of spiritual machinery is upon us. 

Does that list sound super overwhelming or are you like “this idiot…”, really?


If that’s you, here’s an alternative list.

1. Get angry. Write it down or call a friend who owes you a rant. Then burn it. The list – not your friend.

2. Listen to sad songs. Feeling sorry for yourself is actually a form of self care. It’s a step above self loathing!

3. Watch comedy/a talk/a movie about how terrible the world is. It is. Aren’t you smart to notice. πŸ˜‰

Hi there.

It’s me: future you. 


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