3 Ways to Reverse Negative Karma

Karma often seems like an illusive, arbitrary thing. People speak of it as vengeful punishment, karma being a b*tch, but it’s really your best friend and easiest way to a better life. Your karma is designed trigger your own awareness. As your karma improves, life gets more beautiful, emotions get deeper, you feel more connected. Karma is the pathway to the deepest type of love and freedom you will ever know.


If you, like me, have spent years being kind of terrible, you could actually reverse the karma instantly if it were possible to create a total and sudden soul encompassing permanent change of awareness. You would just feel really, really, really, bad suddenly, and then wake up as a new person. Most are not capable of taking this all on at once. Mostly because we have jobs and other material responsibilities. Karma is based on deeply rooted habits that flourish with denial, and each habit needs to be understood and addressed individually. Yet once you get the hang of it, the rest tends to fall down like dominos. Here are some tips. Implement radically for immediate results!


1- Develop understanding for your parents – Love them or hate them, you are a manifestation of them and a byproduct of their values. Epigenetics and ancestral karma are really much of the same thing. You are affected by your ancestors decisions and it created the living biological surface you exist in. Look at the ways your parents were unhealthy, and see how those initial patterns have started to manifest in you.  Talk to them, ask them questions. And be honest with yourself. Our ego usually wants to make distinctions, but you are the sequence in a pattern of DNA. Make conscious decisions to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses. Look far back – not just at your parents. Look at the family tree for patterns, try to understand areas of passion, and areas they grew complacent. If you had an overachieving parent who was trapped in loveless relationships, don’t resent them by being an romantic bum. Understand why this didn’t seem like an admirable solution to you, but understand that the ability to overachieve will not be resolved in you by suppression. By being balanced in your perception, it can cause you to create new solutions without ‘rebelling’ against the inevitable. You choose your parents based on the karma you need to resolve and the karma they need to resolve; and this all feeds into karma we need to resolve collectively. Children of divorce are rampant because of the karma we need to resolve collectively regarding gender dynamics. You cannot choose this path, but you can make the time on it go by quicker and easier by paying attention to the road.


2- Build new structure in your life – Karma is just a pattern manifested from engrained habits. Once you become conscious of your habits and how they affect your exterior world, you will see how responsible you are for many of the problems you feel eternally faced with. You can get stuck on a level where everyone secretly hates you forever by being a jerk and blaming other people (this is the aspect the movie ‘Groundhog Day’ focuses upon). The easiest way to break through patterns is to take responsibility, let it make you feel bad so it can cause a death of your ego, and implement a habit change. Get rid of your old self. Everyone has karma to work on, it’s nothing personal. It takes about 3 months to start reversing a habit.


3, Reprogram your body/brain – Your karma is stored in your brain, which is an electrical system that you code. When you experience something, synapses fire, and create pathways. Think of each pathway as being littered with specific memories, so that when energy targets that area again, they will know when to rise. This can help you become faster, smarter, but this can cause irrational impulses that doom you to the same fate by making false associations and not forcing you to develop new ways of thinking.
Reprogramming your brain is easy – but when it comes to bad habits – this involves not listening to it. Meditation is an act that makes you just sit, in one place, for a designated amount of time, and not act on the waves of thoughts that arise. It’s hard in the first few minutes, as the brain is the command center of the brain – to just not act on it’s commands seems ‘unnatural’, but you don’t want to be in your natural state anymore. You want to be more at peace and in control.
I suggest meditating for at least 20 minutes a day. Beginners can start at 10 minutes, but know that the best affects really kick in after about 15, so reach for that.

Also, sweat. Stress, via hormones are getting stored in fat and other areas of your body. All sorts of stuff. Cheese you ate last week, last month, last year. That’s why when we first start sweating after prolonged periods of avoiding exercise it can often cause breakouts. There’s stuff just lingering under the surface, waiting to get pushed out. Literally and figuratively. If you’re lazy just sit in a sauna. Just sweat, cry. If someone asks you what you’re doing tell them you’re reversing your karma. I am sure they’ll understand. 🙂


You are created to play a role in society and you will play that role regardless of your state of consciousness. The only thing that you have control over is your happiness. As you gain a higher level of happiness you will be able to see more things – your view of reality will expand. Everything will become more beautiful, you will see and create new things every day, and eventually it will become infinite.
You will be infinite.1--1131496-internet laser and CD background,glowing white heaven light and tech round energy field in universe,water ripple in lake surface.
No more haters.

Welcome home.


You’re a Star.

One thought on “3 Ways to Reverse Negative Karma

  1. Hi, wondering who did the painting of the 3 people with the middle guy having a tree out of his head? It’s quite beautiful. Thanks, Brendan

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