Geographical Karma

Each individual location holds karma as it’s own collective and organized system in a universe of entropy, just as individual humans as nomadic objects hold karma that can be now be access locationally, if you opt into the gps feature on the phone you are attached to.

We often see missionaries standing on street corners in heavily commercialized areas screaming about God; their attempts at saving the crowds of wandering of consumers seem fruitless. Why would anyone suddenly want to learn about a higher power when they really need to get to Old Navy because there is a sale there only until Friday? Occasionally a too polite passerby halfheartedly, meekly, out of a duty or obligation to their own personalized set of social conduct will grab a pamphlet, only to place it in the trash can 100 meters later. Little to no direct connections are made. But these people exist to correct an energetic balance, and the participation of those surrounding them is irrelevant.


A russian doctor named Dr Vladislav Lugovenko studied the breathing of the earth through geomagnetism. With copper and nephrite stones suspended over wire on a radial graph he charted the localized frequencies of the characteristics of the earths ‘breathing’ by solar, celestial, and earth activity. He focused on the passing of comets and days of Religious Worship, and showed through his research how the earth responds to our own intentions, humanity’s thoughts and prayers, as well as the universe’s intentions for us galactically.


The home I live in is borderline squat. The owners know the property increases in the millions while they just sit on it so they have made enough repairs to make it livable, as it’s just an extra tax they get to collect on an already worthy piece of Vancouver investment property. When I first moved in I heard stories of the evolution of the home. It was once occupied by prostitutes, then junkies, and then transferred to a punk ‘party’ house. I moved in while half the tenants were away for the summer at music festivals. When they returned, winter came, and everyone’s receptors crashed, the depletion of sunlight, dopamine and serotonin sending them into periods of introversion and reflectivity. Every Wednesday and Sunday with a ritual contribution of chants and prayers the house next door hosts a sweat lodge where they enclose themselves in a tent built to contact higher spirits while detoxifying and purging the surrounding elements of their demons. They have raised the vibration of themselves, their home, and this home by proxy of their known existence. It is a continuous routine intended to raise the aura of the location and those who inhabit it.


I once lived with a stressed out criminal defence lawyer. During meditation in the midst of a 6 month long binge of daily at home yoga sessions, I smelled incense burning from the downstairs for the first time.

Our attitudes, actions, behaviours affect other people. While they may actively disagree, ignore, or seem unaffected, the information is being stored environmentally on the most subtle cellular level. Our most common understanding of this is the smell that someone leaves on their own clothes. We leave traces of us, our thoughts, our id, atmospherically that will forever affect those who travel in the same path.


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