Deja Vu

In the midst of experiencing deja vu, I began to vaguely piece together what deja vu actually is, and what makes the response occur.

If we are to exist as ourselves in several different realities at once, a cross platform of vibrations, you exist as your highest to your lowest self, as well as across several periods in time, then there will be moments where we find our conscious experience of this overlapping in a way, with one sense aligned in the eternal, whereas the other different circumstances are aesthetically ‘unfamiliar’.

For instance, I am staring at a flip phone, in 2005, I am anxiously waiting for a phone call of good news from a close friend, in a desolate cafe. In the past I am staring at a rotary phone, anxiously waiting for a call from a friend with good news, and it is also in a corporate cafe.  In the future I am staring at open space in front of me, excitedly waiting for a friend to appear with good news, in a gentrified cafe. The overwhelming feeling of waiting and the circumstance of that would take over most of my conscious experience, by tying in the majority of my emotions, and the other details would fall by the wayside. Yet the experience would be familiar, so familiar. The corresponding details that hold slight differentiation, these are usually the changeable factors. They tied to timeline, or ones own state of mind, and these lie in my peripheral vision, supporting the focus, so I would get the feeling that I had ‘been here before’, yet not really recognized any of the other elements as corroborative evidence, so it would just be the feeling of familiarity that would overwhelm, and create the emotional overwhelm of familiarity.

Deja vu is this fraction of accessing one’s own extrasensory projections.

Once you stop making judgement or identification to non essential material details, all of life becomes familiar, and you can be truly happy in that safety that ‘you’ve been here’ before.

2 thoughts on “Deja Vu

  1. You just blew my mind. I’ve got a lil headache now.

    So, you are saying bliss is repeating the same events over and over regardless of the negative outcomes we foresee?

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