My First Ayahausca Experience

Feeling the call the write about this sacred expansion I experienced last October, an experience that was so enlightening for me that it infinitely changed the depth of my being, Ayahuasca taught me about the earth, it taught me how to pray, and I believe in many ways it opened me up to embodying my … Continue reading My First Ayahausca Experience

How I got to be “spiritual”

As a kid I lacked an identity. I was too many of them in one body, I had no religion. I always asked my mom "what religion am I?" Because I wanted to feel like I belonged somewhere. I also had a feeling she had a religion, we had a meditation room, pictures of Ganesha, … Continue reading How I got to be “spiritual”


This is easily the most terrifying meditation I have ever done. Maybe it was the day that I chose to do it on - I was feeling worn out, tired, and allergies had made my face inflamed and break out. However, because of this - it was one of the most healing meditations that I … Continue reading MEDITATION FOR BECOMING & ACCEPTING WHO YOU REALLY ARE ✨

Buddhist Walking Meditation 

When you walk, you can turn it into an active meditation by focusing your mind on the activity itself (mindfulness), or use a mantra to achieve a higher state of happiness and awareness."Om mani padme hum" is an ancient Tibetan mantra that is about developing and embodying compassion through spiritual practice and applied wisdom. As … Continue reading Buddhist Walking Meditation 

Meditation to Release Emotional Blockages 

◿ The feeling of forgiveness greatly increases alpha waves in your brain during meditation. Alpha waves enhance creativity and decreases depression. When we hold onto events in our past this creates repressions and denial in our lives that can disrupt our ability to feel comfortable flowing into new circumstances that life presents to us. These repressions … Continue reading Meditation to Release Emotional Blockages