Shadow Work: How everything happening out there is happening inside of you and how to work with it ♡

I think to many people who know me on the internet, I live some sort of mythical life. I get to spend a lot of time in nature in beautiful places, I receive amazing spiritual insights from beyond a realm that can be seen, and I also willingly and freely share that love openly with … Continue reading Shadow Work: How everything happening out there is happening inside of you and how to work with it ♡

My First Ayahausca Experience

Feeling the call the write about this sacred expansion I experienced last October, an experience that was so enlightening for me that it infinitely changed the depth of my being, Ayahuasca taught me about the earth, it taught me how to pray, and I believe in many ways it opened me up to embodying my … Continue reading My First Ayahausca Experience

How I got to be “spiritual”

As a kid I lacked an identity. I was too many of them in one body, I had no religion. I always asked my mom "what religion am I?" Because I wanted to feel like I belonged somewhere. I also had a feeling she had a religion, we had a meditation room, pictures of Ganesha, … Continue reading How I got to be “spiritual”


This is easily the most terrifying meditation I have ever done. Maybe it was the day that I chose to do it on - I was feeling worn out, tired, and allergies had made my face inflamed and break out. However, because of this - it was one of the most healing meditations that I … Continue reading MEDITATION FOR BECOMING & ACCEPTING WHO YOU REALLY ARE ✨

Meditation to Release Emotional Blockages 

◿ The feeling of forgiveness greatly increases alpha waves in your brain during meditation. Alpha waves enhance creativity and decreases depression. When we hold onto events in our past this creates repressions and denial in our lives that can disrupt our ability to feel comfortable flowing into new circumstances that life presents to us. These repressions … Continue reading Meditation to Release Emotional Blockages 


I think we accept things into our lives that aren't love because we don't know what love is - we don't want to believe that it's everywhere, around us, all the time. This story is too easy, so we often fall for tricks that sell us love. We work for the promise of it. It … Continue reading Illumination 

I Learned How To Quantum Jump So You Don’t Have To

A few weeks ago while laying on a friend's floor I decided to discover mysteries of the universe - so I picked up a science textbook. I opened the book halfway through, and in Jeopardy format quizzed him on the first subject I saw.   "What is... Quantum Entanglement".  He explained: electrons that were once … Continue reading I Learned How To Quantum Jump So You Don’t Have To

Transcendence without a Yoga cult

My deepest fear when I started to abandon my academic background and talk about spirituality is that people would perceive me to be dumb. Belief has a bad reputation; ignorant conservative Christian, vapid consumer in Lululemon pants. I learned later that these are just judgements meant to isolate myself, protect the ego. Any critical analysis … Continue reading Transcendence without a Yoga cult

3 Ways to Reverse Negative Karma

Karma often seems like an illusive, arbitrary thing. People speak of it as vengeful punishment, karma being a b*tch, but it's really your best friend and easiest way to a better life. Your karma is designed trigger your own awareness. As your karma improves, life gets more beautiful, emotions get deeper, you feel more connected. … Continue reading 3 Ways to Reverse Negative Karma

Geographical Karma

Each individual location holds karma as it's own collective and organized system in a universe of entropy, just as individual humans as nomadic objects hold karma that can be now be access locationally, if you opt into the gps feature on the phone you are attached to. We often see missionaries standing on street corners … Continue reading Geographical Karma